Nitecore Traffic Wand NTW40 Orange


Get more from your flashlight by instantly turning it into a traffic wand! Fits on any flashlight with a 40mm head.

Additional information

Additional information

Special Features

Highly resistant to pressure and impact.
Portable, lightweight and easy to attach and remove.
Converts flashlights with a 40mm body diameter into a traffic wand.
Ideal for traffic control and as locator beacon in emergency situations.
Made from PC2805 high-grade plastic (Bayer Material Science AG).
Highly resistant to extreme temperatures, this ideal in harsh environments.


Brand: Nitecore
Model: NTW40
Color: Orange
Material: Plastic
Weight: 32 g.
Length: 185 mm
Internal Diameter: 40 mm
Head Diameter: 26 mm
Functions: Night vision protection, hunting, fishing, blinker etc.
Other Feature: Suitable for head of flashlight out diameter is 40mm, such as Nitecore MH25, MH27 / EA4, EA41 / SRT7 / TM03 etc.

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