Nitecore Intellicharger i1 Single Battery Charger


The Nitecore Intellicharger i1 is a single bay battery charger with a maximum output of up to 1000mAh, the i1 boots its charging twice as fast as the Intellicharger i2. The i1 also features a USB port, therefore is capable of charging external devices via the USB. When both a battery & a USB device are connected, it will prioritize the charging of the battery & automatically begin charging the USB device upon completion. Designed with vapers in mind, the i1 also features an EGO charging port for e-cigarette batteries.

The Nitecore Intellicharger i1 is a single bay battery charger, capable of charging both IMR & Li-ion batteries: 26650, 18650, 17670, 18490, 17500, 17335. 14500, 10440 & 16340 (RCR123). Capable of charger devices via USB (acts as a power bank)



Safety Notes

1. Charge only Lithium-ion/IMR rechargeable batteries.
2. Charging any other types of batteries may cause them to leak rupture or explode.
3. Do not disassemble or modify the charger or attempt to use as a power source.
4. Always unplug the charger from outlet before attempting maintenance or cleaning.
5. This charger should not be used by persons without adequate training or knowledge.

Additional information

Additional information

Special Features

Highly resistant to pressure and impact.
Portable, lightweight and easy to attach and remove.
Converts flashlights with a 40mm body diameter into a traffic wand.
Ideal for traffic control and as locator beacon in emergency situations.
Made from PC2805 high-grade plastic (Bayer Material Science AG).
Highly resistant to extreme temperatures, this ideal in harsh environments.


Brand: Nitecore
Model: NTW40
Color: Orange
Material: Plastic
Weight: 32 g.
Length: 185 mm
Internal Diameter: 40 mm
Head Diameter: 26 mm
Functions: Night vision protection, hunting, fishing, blinker etc.
Other Feature: Suitable for head of flashlight out diameter is 40mm, such as Nitecore MH25, MH27 / EA4, EA41 / SRT7 / TM03 etc.

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