Nitecore 85 Lumen THUMB USB Rechargeable 120 Degree Angle Adjustment


This Nitecore Thumb is ideal work-light is one you don't have to hold. Nitecore's Thumb allows you to go hands-free and still have your light fall exactly where you need it. Clip it to your pocket, bag strap, or hat brim, and tilt the head to the perfect angle. Illuminate your hiking path, work area, or car engine. 120° of flexibility allow you to aim the 85 lumen beam wherever you want it. Adjust your output with three different light levels. Both the red and white LEDs also feature a flashing mode in case you need an ID beacon. Recharge the thumb with any USB micro cable (the same connector used for most smartphones). The embedded charge indicator is red while charging, and turns green when your battery is full again. The Thumb's mighty body is made from poly-carbonate, the same material used for riot shields and motorcycle helmets. Its parts fit together precisely, protecting it against rain and dust.



Unique Red Light

Never used a red light before? You won’t believe the difference. Red light is gentler on our eyes than white, making it great for situations where you want to preserve your night vision. Night photography, astronomy, wildlife observation & tracking, stealth operations, and emergency response are all circumstances where red light excels. The red light is located on the body of the Thumb.

Additional information

Additional information

Special Features

Li-ion battery USB rechargeable.
Ultra lightweight and portable.
Durable polycarbonate case.
Dual color LEDs (white and red).
Over-discharge and overcharge protection.
Red light is ideal for preserving night vision.
Lightweight, compact, and easy to grip.
Utilizes two high perfomance LEDs outputting 85 Lumens.
Head rotation of 120° angle adjustable.
Stainless steel key ring connector withstands 77 lbs. weight.
Ceases charging automatically when power level reaches 100%.
Dual switch design one for the white light, one for the red.
Multiple brightness settings and flashing beacon mode.
Integrated clip allows you to attach to a variety of surfaces.
Keyring connector can support a whopping 77 lbs./35 kg. of weight.
Intelligent protection circuit guards against overcharge, over-discharge, short circuits, and automatically terminates the recharging process.


Lumens: 85 Lumens
Product: Thumb
Max Beam Distance: 26 meters
Max Beam Intensity: 170cd
Max Run Time: 22 h.
Impact Resistant: 1.5m
Battery: USB Rechargeable
Beam Color: White and red light
Weight: 0.88 oz. / 25 g.
Length: 2.31" / 74 mm
Width: 0.94" / 24 mm
Height: 0.62" / 15.8 mm
Features: Waterproof and Submersible
Special Modes: Location Beacon, SOS, Strobe

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