Allen Battalion Delta 42” Rifle Case (Grey Skull)


The Battalion Delta Tactical Case features Reaper camo and has three magazine pockets (each designed to hold two mags), three rows of MOLLE loops, rear zippered accessory pockets, and an easy to clean polyester lining. Comes with a detachable shoulder strap and a padded handle grip.

Additional information

Additional information

Special Features

Padded handle grip
zippers are lockable.
Easy to clean polyester lining.
Front and rear zippered accessory pockets.
Detachable shoulder strap with metal hardware.
Three magazine pockets, designed for two mags each.

Key Specifications

Weight: 2.88 oz.
Height: 13"
Length: 42"
Case: Rifle
Brand: Allen
Finish: Grey Skull
Shoulder Strap: Detachable

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