CrispyBear Leather 48″ Rifle Case


The CRISPYBEAR PU LEATHER RIFLE CASE is the answer if you want to luxuriously protect your weapon. It’s made out of a high-grade artificial leather that is double-sided for extra protection and has adjustable shoulder straps that are detachable; it comes with a universal cleaning kit with pouch. Heavy-duty zippers with locking hole for locking are on the case with an added zippered pocket; the sturdy stitching has no loose threads. There is plenty of room with the CrispyBear PU leather rifle case as it can fit almost any sniper rifle up to 48 inches long;

A luxurious solution to protecting your firearm. GET THE CRISPYBEAR PU LEATHER RIFLE CASE!

Additional information

Additional information

Special Features

Great storage pocket
Heavy duty metal zippers
Locking hole to lock the bag
Brings universal cleaning kit
Double sided protection shock
High-quality artificial PU Leather
Handle or 2 backpack shoulder straps
Adjustable, padded, & detachable straps

Key Specifications

Size: 48"
Case: Rifle
Brand: CrispyBear
Color: Brown
Weight: 5.7 oz
Material: PU Leather
Length Dimension: 48"
Width Dimension: 12"
Height Dimension: 4"
Sport Type: Hunting
Straps: Detachable

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