Tikka 22-250 T3x Lite Fluted SS BBL


The Tikka T3X Lite Stainless Bolt-Action Rifle is an innovative, well-designed, lightweight hunting rifle, that shoots accurately and functions flawlessly. The T3X Hunter has a matte, black synthetic stock, and a stainless steel barrel and receiver. A high quality recoil pad makes shooting the T3X Lite extremely manageable; and interchangeable pistol grips allow you to modify the angle of the grip for shooting from multiple positions. Additional screw placements on top of the receiver provide for secure attachment of a scope base or Picatinny rail. The T3X uses a 2-lug bolt with a 75Á lift that cycles smooth as silk. The 75Á bolt lift aids in keeping hand and gloves away from the scope and speeds the cycling process. An enlarged ejection port facilitates feeding rounds one at a time. A single column polymer magazine feeds reliably, and facilitates in loading and unloading the rifle. The T3X Lite Stainless Bolt-Action Rifle features a single stage adjustable trigger that breaks crisp and clean, allowing hunters to make quick, accurate shots under field conditions.



Improved Rail AttachmentImproved GripNew Recoil Pad

Always keep the target in your sight. The T3x models have extra screw placements on top of the receiver so that you can robustly attach a picatinny rail – even when using larger scopes.

A grip that never slips. The T3x synthetic stock has a new asymmetrical grip pattern and shape that has been specifically designed to give a solid grip in all conditions.

T3x models come with a new recoil pad technology that reduces the impact of recoil on the shooter. The new robust pad allows you to fully concentrate on the accuracy of your shots.

Additional information

Additional information

Special Features

Modular Stock
Improved Grip
New Recoil Pad
Steel Recoil Lug
Metallic Bolt Shroud
Stock Noice Reduction
Redesigned Ejection Port
Improved Rail Attachment
The T3 Camo Stainless has a cold-hammer forged
Designed for accuracy, reliability and easy servicing
Guaranteed to shoot 1" groups at 100 yards.
Single-stage adjustable trigger (2 to 4 lbs.)
Detachable magazine for quick loading and unloading
Weatherproof matte-black synthetic stock

Key Specifications

Brand: Tikka T3
Type: Bolt Action Rifle
Caliber: 22-250
LOP: 13.75"
Trigger: Adjustable
Magazine: Polymer
Weight: 5.9 lbs.
Overall Length: 42.5"
Barrel Length: 22.4"
Pad: High quality recoil
Stock: Matte, black synthetic
Receiver: Stainless steel
Barrel: Stainless steel
Grips: Interchangeable pistol
Stock: Black Synthetic Modular
Sights: Integral Rail / Drilled

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