Remington 30-06 Model#7600 Pump Action Rifle


Our ever-popular Model 7600 30-06 Remington is one of the most proven deerslayers in the woods. It has a 22″ barrel, a four-round magazine and is available in classic wood stock and fore-end. All of our centerfire pumps feature quick-release magazines and Remington’s rotary bolt lock-up design for exceptional strength, safety and reliability.

Additional information

Additional information

Special Features

Slide Release and safety based on the design.
Slide Action to allow fast follow up shots.
22" Barrel with iron sights and received drilled.
Rotary Bolt lock-up provides rock solid action strength.
Weight distribution and slim line design resulting balance & pointability.

Key Specifications

Brand: Remington
Caliber: 30-06
Capacity: 4
Twist: 10 (Right Hand)
Barrel Length: 22"
Overall Length: 42.5/8"
Drop (COMP): 1-3/16"
Drop (HEEL): 2-1/4"
Weight: 7.5 lbs.
Length of Pull: 13.5"
Barrel Material: Carbon Steel
Barrel Finish: Polished Blue
Stock Material: American Walnut
Stock Finish: Satin

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